Friday, December 25, 2009

Battle report

So for my first battle report I present the following fight.

A low turn out at the club entailed that my planned rematch game turned into a 2v2. We decided to get the other people into the game, so both necrons and I had 1,500, with 500 tau with the necrons and 500 points of chaos marines with the nids. The mission and deployment were rolled, and it came to four objectives with standard deployment. the objectives were placed in a T fashion so that one deployment had three objectives.

The lists were about the following, give or take
Flying Hive tyrant, close combat upgrades, talons, and warp field.
Broodlord and retinue
x2 lictors
x3 squads of outflanking genestealers
x2 close combat Carnifex (ninjas) both with extra Wound.
x3 zoanthropes

Chaos marines
Sorcerer with lash
x2 five man marine squads
Both with rhinos
x2 obliterators

Lord with veil and res orb
x2 warrior squads
x2 destroyers
x2 heavy destroyers
A monolith.

Commander with plasma and missiles
Fire warrior squad
In a devil fish
A kroot squad
A stealth suit team

We (nids and chaos) won the roll off. We chose first, to get the three objectives, knowing last turn would have been tactically better.

The obliterators and Tyrant sat on our left objective, lash sorcerer in rhino and carnifex sat middle, while rhino with the other marines had the right behind the rock. The plan was to have genestealers outflank to take the side objectives and free up parts of the army to assault the necrons.

After some lucky shooting and bad outflanking, the carnifexes were dead and the genestealers were huddling on the objective. On the good news, I got a lucky chain of events and destroyed the devilfish with one warpblast. Passed the psychic test, passed the balistics check, rolled to penetrate, and then rolled an explosion, killing 8 of the 12 fire warriors inside.

Two genestealers manages to survive being shot at, and made it to combat with the Tau commander, and they tied in combat. The Hive Tyrant decided it was his turn to cause trouble. Conservative movement of the Tyrant caused him to be just short for combat, leaving him to be open to be shot at. The monolith fired its large blast at the Tyrant, only to have it scatter back onto itself, hitting the combat of Tau and stealers. The best part being the blast hole was centered on the monolith, so its full power ended up destroying itself. Thus we were denied the chance to even stop it.

Overall, Veil of darkness won the game moving a warrior squad onto a second objective, giving necrons two while we only held our right one.

As the advice that was given to me post-game, while genestealers are not slow, they are not fast enough nor have guns to be that good at outflanking. I'm inclined to agree, as I rarely use them as such. Leaving my hormagaunts and spinegaunts at home, they were the best I could field. The lictors preformed above par in my opinion, even with injuring one of them by entering play. Though I had not raised the bar all that high for them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goals and schedule

Just so we are on the same page, and that this will not be a hard core first post.

Now that that is out of the way, Welcome all the Predators and Prey in 40k, or what I like to call 40k Prey. A quick introduction; I have been playing Tyranids for a little over two years, and they are my main and one could say only army. I do own about a thousand points of space marines that have yet to be played, and I also have played small skirmishes of Tau and Necrons, though not very successfully.

With the new Tyranid codex coming out January 16th of 2010, I decided to finally start up a blog, since there is only a month left with the old Codex. My goals are to post the last few battle reports of the fourth edition codex. Then, I will progress to displaying my army as I get it ready for the new release. I also hope to show some conversion/magnetizing guides as I build some new models. Lastly, I will be discussing some possible new tactics that are brought with the new Codex.

Thank you everyone for reading, please keep checking by as I get this up to speed. Tyranid players, I hope, as we get closer to the release date, that this helps or inspires you, and we can learn to do what we do best, Adapt. Non-Tyranid players, as you begin to face the coming swarm, let this aide you in learning their tactics.

The key to being a predator and not prey is knowing thy enemy.
Happy hunting!