Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zone of mortalis

I was just excited to use swarmlord
Played a game of zone of mortalis at battlemallet this week and it was awesome. I played tyranids in my first two games and dusted of my sisters of battle in my last game but due to battery life only got pictures of the tyranids. I wont do a battle report for my last game due to the with out pictures it will be hard to imagine the board but I will say turn two the board vented to space causeing a few sisters to get sucked out into space along with Nemesis's nurgle termies. This was funny because we where just talking about how the chances of that happening was rare, it also caused the rest of the game to be fought in vacuum so str4 and up shooting has rending. Ill go over some of the rules and post a few pictures from the second game I played.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

apoc nids vs guard and marines

A friend of mine invited me o play in a apoc game they where playing in on Saturday a couple of weekends back. I agreed knowing it was going to be a busy weekend of 40k. Saturday morning we where starting this apoc game, that night I was playing my escalation league games and on Sunday I was playing a apoc game I put together for the battlemallet regulars.

The game was alot of fun It was guard and marines holding a fortified position in the center of the board. With the tyranids attacking from both sides. Each player had 3000 points my friend used the tyranids that I was not using. I let him run all the little bugs and swarm element and I took 3000 points of big bugs. the only super heavy in the game was my one trygon which I ran as the imperial armor one (over all not sure if it is worth it).

apoc followed by apoc

due to holidays and some family drama I was unable to post but I should have a few games I played posted on here in the next few days but to hold you over till then. A couple of weekends ago I played two apoc games in one weekend, one in which TheGraveMind played with me. He already posted about it here so ill just post the few pictures I took and leave it at that. The other apoc game ill post in another post and mention the key moments so not to over load one post with so many pictures.