Thursday, January 3, 2013

apoc nids vs guard and marines

A friend of mine invited me o play in a apoc game they where playing in on Saturday a couple of weekends back. I agreed knowing it was going to be a busy weekend of 40k. Saturday morning we where starting this apoc game, that night I was playing my escalation league games and on Sunday I was playing a apoc game I put together for the battlemallet regulars.

The game was alot of fun It was guard and marines holding a fortified position in the center of the board. With the tyranids attacking from both sides. Each player had 3000 points my friend used the tyranids that I was not using. I let him run all the little bugs and swarm element and I took 3000 points of big bugs. the only super heavy in the game was my one trygon which I ran as the imperial armor one (over all not sure if it is worth it).

here is the tyranid deployment the first picture is all I started on the table the second is the other tyranid player

guard and marine deployment

so Ill just mention a few cool things that stick out to me and post all the crap tons of pictures. the other nid player took almost every genestealer I had in the genestealer infestation formation so they all jumped out in the enemy base and assaulted the turn the came in due to there special rule in the formation. it was fun to see all those stealers just appear. Mr. Vaulken slaughtered 2 mawlocs by himself, 6 carnifexs came in the mycetic assault formation all with bioplasma and 2 twin linked devours and killed guardsmen in handfulls. Overall its was a super fun game and it is one of the first time Ive played apoc without a bunch of super heavies. The guard and marines pulled a win out by clearing the stealers all down to below half strenght so they could no longer hold there objective and if memory serves me to win by one objective.
                                             so here some pictures of the game.

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