Thursday, June 17, 2010

500 point tournament Part 2

So I started the battle reports for my games of the 500 point tournament at the Lafayette GP in my last post. The puppy made it out of surgery ok, she has stitches in her leg and we're supposed to keep her from jumping up. (easier said than done). I also went to the doctor so we both are taking medicine and are getting better. Lets get these reports finished shall we?

Recap, Game 1, tabled foot Tau, Game 2, got tabled by full mech IG, Game 3, got tabled by unstoppable DC dread.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A 500pt tourney part 1

So I'm home sick today, had a fever and took a day off of work. Also today, my cute little (7 years old) puppy is at the vet having surgery. She blew a tendon in her "knee", so she had to go to a specialist to get it fixed. She has to stay over night and everything. Days that I stay home sick are the times I enjoy her company while I lay around and watch movies. It's a lonely day with out her so I figured I'd do my write up of the 500 point tournament I went to this past weekend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avatars causing woe

I got a game in this tuesday. It was against an eldar army that had it's similarities with the one I faced at Ard boyz, but with a much more instructive frontal force. His friends had asked me to play him once they found out I was a Tyranid player. He had a list already made, but didn't know I played Nids. I didn't know he played eldar until halfway through making my list. I kept it very all comers, but I may have added toxin sacs to my Alpha after he mentioned his wraithlord ;P