Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My new overlord

By TheGravemind
Been busy working on models, actively not painting, and getting the apartment ready for the new member. Hoping he stays pretty chill so I can keep some hobby time. May also cut into my tournament travels in the long run. He's officially adopted but I don't get him from the vet for a few days. I've got a couple drafts in the works I'll try and finish and show some actual progress.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book; Lord of the Night

By TheGraveMind

After reading some background for Night Lords while researching for my little painting project Here, I got interested in the legend behind the Terror Legion. So picking up my second 40k book every I dove in.

While this isn't a full book review, I'm sure you can some of those easily enough. The book was very enjoyable, if very hero-centric. The two main characters are very well developed, though the rest of the cast seem a little less... dimensioned. The story contains the usual 40k stuff, Imperial paranoia, crazy ruthless Inquisitor, mass poverty, etc.

I feel it gives some pretty good insight to both the Inquisition and also the Lore and background to Night Lords and the slip into chaos.

It also included a lot of Warp-stuff....Like literally, you add the word Warp to the front of a word and it fits in 40k. Warpstuff, warppiss, warpshit, warptentacles, warp-be-damned.

It is a relatively short book, at 190 ish pages, but the story is decently paced, and the descriptions are vivid enough. The end I felt was a little anti-climatic, but left it open for a sequel/interpretation so that isn't too bad.

Overall it is a good read, or a must read if you are a Night Lord fan. If you're not a Night Lord fan, and you get a chance to read this, you'll probably turn into one.

Ave Dominus Nox!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Marines; most improved.

By TheGraveMind
Well, I had a good look through the new codex and I saw two units that I was interested in that I think got the best improvement from the last codex. The first one is ....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ave Dominus Nox!

By TheGraveMind

So I haven't had much urge to paint recently. It is one of those things similar to Working out. Once you forget how much you enjoyed it, you think of it as work till you start again. Well I finally got the itch, but want to paint something random and new. Thus this was born....