Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book; Lord of the Night

By TheGraveMind

After reading some background for Night Lords while researching for my little painting project Here, I got interested in the legend behind the Terror Legion. So picking up my second 40k book every I dove in.

While this isn't a full book review, I'm sure you can some of those easily enough. The book was very enjoyable, if very hero-centric. The two main characters are very well developed, though the rest of the cast seem a little less... dimensioned. The story contains the usual 40k stuff, Imperial paranoia, crazy ruthless Inquisitor, mass poverty, etc.

I feel it gives some pretty good insight to both the Inquisition and also the Lore and background to Night Lords and the slip into chaos.

It also included a lot of Warp-stuff....Like literally, you add the word Warp to the front of a word and it fits in 40k. Warpstuff, warppiss, warpshit, warptentacles, warp-be-damned.

It is a relatively short book, at 190 ish pages, but the story is decently paced, and the descriptions are vivid enough. The end I felt was a little anti-climatic, but left it open for a sequel/interpretation so that isn't too bad.

Overall it is a good read, or a must read if you are a Night Lord fan. If you're not a Night Lord fan, and you get a chance to read this, you'll probably turn into one.

Ave Dominus Nox!


  1. I don't like chaos books much but might pick it up.

  2. Demski-Bowden's Night Lords trilogy is better written and generally more enjoyable.

    1. Cool, I'll have to look into those. I heard about this character and I felt he was what I was after, completely hating the worship of chaos, and the lack of focus of the other night lords.