Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Marines; most improved.

By TheGraveMind
Well, I had a good look through the new codex and I saw two units that I was interested in that I think got the best improvement from the last codex. The first one is ....

Lascannon devastators. They were outrageously priced in the last codex, and each book since them has lowered their cost. Starting at 90 points for 5 marines, and costing 35 points per lascannon, they came to 230 points for the squad!

In the blood angel Codex they dropped to 25 points a piece bringing them to 190 for a squad. This is actually playable, but still very expensive.

Finally with Dark Angels and now Marines, The initial squad dropped to 70, and Lascannons are 20 each, making the squad 150 total. Now that Is a very reasonable price tag.

The second unit is Librarians. Starting at 100 points and jumping to 150 for Mastery level 2. Well now They are looking at 65/90 for ML1/ML2. This is even cheaper than the DA version which is 65/100. I guess that's the price you pay for divination.

Speaking of Divination, Tigurius. Sweet little Tigy got the lascannon treatment. Dropping from 230 To his new 165. I'm sure everyone has heard what he is capable of. If it is something he gets to roll, he'll get a reroll. He has become crazy good.

Now if only his model matched his Bad-assery.

Face always reminded me of the Face of Boe

Other honorable mentions from the new book are Scouts in a Speeder storm. Both dropping in points, a squad of 5 in their new dedicated transport costs 100 points!


  1. Yeah, I think that Scouts with Storms will be a sleeper hit. 45 points for a DT with a heavy flamer and grenade launcher is pretty slick.

  2. You have to wonder when stuff goes down by such large amount especially when they are the historic price levels as just means point and codex creep.

  3. It's a positive move for the book. I am a much bigger fan of the vanguard now. Their heroic intervention encourages better play, and their costs are very reasonable. Too bad they got crammed into the over packed Elite section. But at least the old tech marines might see play now since they're free of the FoC charts. Iron Hands re happy.