Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little adaptation

Even after asking for help and reading online guides, I was struggling to find how to add the "Read more>" expanding post options. I finally figured out that I have not been using the newest post editor. With that changed, you will now be seeing "Join the hunt!" at the bottom of the paragraphs, click to expand. This phrase may change as I think of something more creative, but you're all clever and will be fine. If you see any changes, either I failed to save the template correctly, or I'm toying with more settings, either way, continue reading and enjoying.

Keep on hunting.

A Tyranid Guide to Wrecking Vehicles

Larry Endures!

I ended my week of vacation at the Greenwood Gamepreserve to get a few games in. Well the turn out seems to be picking back up again so finding a table was the difficult part now (it used to be finding someone to play). As I was chatting with some of the guys I had not seen in a while, I find out that one brought a friend and was trying to get him a demo game. Well his original opponent picked up another game, so I agreed to face him.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peace of mind, body and models

So there are many reasons why people get into hobbies, for some it gives them something to do, others like the challenge. For me, it is relaxing, yet there is a physical result at the end that satisfies my need for productivity. When I'm able to just sit down and take my time painting a model or a squad, its like sitting out at a pool. And just like laying at the pool, you can only do it for so long, but as long as you don't burn yourself out the first few times, you enjoy coming back to it each time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The story behind the models.

As I continue to build and finish my new additions to my army, I've been thinking about the story behind them. That's right, I'm continuing my Spread/Food themed posts.
I'm talking about the Fluff.