Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little adaptation

Even after asking for help and reading online guides, I was struggling to find how to add the "Read more>" expanding post options. I finally figured out that I have not been using the newest post editor. With that changed, you will now be seeing "Join the hunt!" at the bottom of the paragraphs, click to expand. This phrase may change as I think of something more creative, but you're all clever and will be fine. If you see any changes, either I failed to save the template correctly, or I'm toying with more settings, either way, continue reading and enjoying.

Keep on hunting.


  1. Neat, now can you tell me how to do it? XD

  2. Well, first you go to Settings > basic. Scroll to the bottom and make sure you are using updated editor.
    From there you go to posting a blog, and use the compose option instead of Html option. There should be a icon like a page ripped in half. For me it's next to the Insert image button.
    A grey bar will appear where the cursor is, and that is the break. It will appear as the text on the main page.
    To change the text, you go to Layout > Page elements. The large part that is Blog Posts should have an edit button. It will open with options. Near the top will be "Post page link text:" and box, I think it says "read more" as default. Fill it in and save.
    At least that's how it all went for me. Hope that helped.

  3. How about a tribute to Starship Troopers:

    "Would you like to know more?"