Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Unredeemed

Those weak of mind are sought out. Those craving power search them out. The Ruinous Powers of the warp toy with the minds of mortals and twist the bodies to their wills. By some strand of fate, The Lords of Chaos have called out to me and I have answered their call.

I have been gradually gathering Space marine bitz over the past year, slowly assembling a few guys every once and a while. I've mostly made single models with character, much in the Space wolves feel. What this led to was almost all of my models had special weapons and gear. Recently, one of my friends decided to start Tyranids, and so gave me his entire unfinished Chaos army. This gave me the basic infantry I needed to fill out squads and make a viable army. With my tyranids finally assembled, and only the final few models needing to be painted. I deemed it a valid time to shift gears.

So to everyone, I'd like to introduce to you the Plasma Drakes.
A little back story if you'd like;
They started as a founding chapter, splitting off from the (Star Dragons?). The words of Chaos were whispered in the ear of this newly starting chapter. There were only five companies at first, the fifth being the scout company. It is unknown with whom the corruption first started, some say the chaplain, others say it was a librarian. What is known is the captain of the Third company led the assault against his fellow battle brothers. A swift and well planned attack led to the entire Fifth company being wiped out and the Fourth company severely crippled. With the morale low, the Fourth company held off their attackers until help could arrive.
The Veterans of the First and Second company were quick to come to the aid. But as they arrived upon the battle field, nearly half of the First company joined the Traitors. Space Marine killed Space marine as the Chapter fought upon itself in a battle that would make Primarchs weep. The combat raged on for months, the entire chapter in a state of war, isolated from the Imperium, until finally only one side was left.
The Chaos influenced marines were defeated, but their damage was done. Word had spread that the chapter had fallen to the Chaos gods and they were deemed Heretics (Excommunicate Traitoris). With the Chapter Master struck down upon the final day of battle, Brother Proteus, Captain of the 2nd company took command of the remaining Space marines. With their support from the Imperium lost, Proteus started a new tradition to honoring their fallen brothers. The carnage before them was scavenged for any working equipment, those marines who killed their fellow marines were to wearing a piece of each Fallen's armor in their memory of their chapter united. Thus, those Veterans skilled in the ways of combat have vast amounts of corrupted gear, a piece from each Battle brother they killed.
Wearing chaos armor to most would seem a horrendous act, but to the survivors from the First and Second company, wearing these markings are done with pride and shame at the same time. Proteus led them as they faded out of Imperium space, and began work as mercenary. They are a renegade Company with the full armaments of a chapter, but with their own agenda. They now make war upon any that opposes them.

And so now I present to you the first battle of the Plasma drakes as they fight off a Tyranid invasion.
Annihilation and spear head was the game, so a defensive line was taken while reserves were waiting to arrive.

The squad of eight Chosen Marines outflanked behind the enemy's lines. They leaped bravely into the beast's mouth, opening up with five rapid fire plasma guns. Very lackluster results for 10 plasma shots, they were killed by the retaliation, but Morale was the victor for that turn, as my opponent was shaken by the potential that was presented.
The Xeno swarm advanced as the Marines held their ground.
After pouring a whole turn of fire into a Trygon that had only one wound, a full swarm of Hormagaunts made it unscathed into assault with my troops. Ten strong battle brothers held against 48 attacks, suffering only one casualty. Retaliation was swift, yet brutal, with the gaunts crumbling under their own leadership to No retreat wounds, being eliminated after one round.

Eventually they will be painted with a bright blue and silver scheme, hopefully with a some what ghostly or smokey appearance. They are also Slaanesh based (though they don't really worship chaos), for their initiate and swiftness.

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  1. Cool, look forward to seeing more of the Plasma Drakes!