Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adding a little character

My Chosen Chaos Marines. Nine veterans elite, five with plasma guns.

This past week I've been playing my newly formed Chaos company. My last few Tyranids are on the painting table, and they may be the topic of my next post, we'll see. Looking at the differences between these two armies, something hit me. I actually enjoy assembling my Chaos marines. For the nids the bodies are pretty much set, and there are almost no variance in the head, all you get to change is the position of the arms. With two sets of arms, there is limited room for cool poses, unless you fully plan it out. Not to mention that each Space marine can essentially be equipped differently, and have cool accessory pieces. All tyranids in a squad are equipped the same, and even if I decorate them, they are just a mutation, nothing more.
And so I realized, my CSM can actually have character and personality.

I decided to do a small photo shoot (yes I was bored, and I'm still working on a color scheme)
Right now this is my Brother-captain Proteous. Plasma pistol and power sword, he rides with the Chosen and helps them out. The sword user in the picture of the chosen is their champion, Brother Nox.
This is my Slaanesh Lord on mount. I made him mostly for fun, as with my other eight or so Lords. But I do actually use him in battle, thus he is worthy of a name. Lord Azure (I'm going with a blue theme). He did single-handedly take on a space marine assault squad and only died the next round to the assault chaplain.
Battle brother Thadeus is the champion that helps protect the back squads. He is normally placed with the havoc squad to dissuade assaults. Powerfist goodness along with four missile launchers. He is known as the Black Knight for he is one of the most ancient of the Company.

I have named each champion of the squads, and each squad has a given name (Noise marines are the Banshees, Chosen are the Phantoms). It now stands at a 85 man strong Battle Company. Four troop squads, a five man plague marine squad, two veteran squads, a ten man terminator squad, and a havoc squad. The next step is to assemble my third rhino and the last five guys to fill out a squad. I'm waiting for my next paycheck to get some primer and the proper paints. Right now I've been working on a test paint scheme, and I'm happy with what I have so far. Hopefully everyone will learn to fear the Plasma Drakes. But while I work on them, I'm shifting back to the Tyranids to get them ready and practiced for Ard boyz.

Keep up the hunt!


  1. Looks neat, I like the Cold One.

    Names are fun, even if it's just tracking how often his dumb ass gets killed :P

  2. I look forward to seeing these guys next time you're on the south side.

  3. I'll definitely bring them with me to the south store when ever it is I make it again. I might even have some of them painted by then, but no guarantee.