Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Norn-queen model

As can see above, my Norn-queen conversion.... The empty wallet! How else do you expect all those tyranids to be created? I managed to finish making my second Tervigon, which led me to needing to buy those 12 more gaunts I was planning on getting. Plus my friend gave me some extra guns so I can finally switch out the spinefists on my old gaunts. I'll eventually (with in three years maybe) get them all painted like the others, just like here.

I started writing and it turned into a rant that I'm just going to make its own post, located here. But what this comes down to is this; I've spent some hard earned cash, made more models of new tyranids that I'm not sure I'll ever use again, and they look pretty sweet. This is preventing me from buying anything my Marines might need, but they will be fine since I don't even have one fully painted mini yet for them.

My plan is to finish up what I have assembled for my tyranids, get them fully painted and presentable. I've learned a lot about painting in the three some years I've had them and these final few (hundred?) models should look darn good. I'll upload some more WIP after I find my camera and finish up with the stress that is the last week of a college semester.

Till then, enjoy!

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