Thursday, April 15, 2010

A possible merger?

It seems the Back 40k is the new prey.... I mean predator... wait what?
That's right, I've been invited to join those seeming Imperium loyalists over at the Back 40k and have accepted, seeing as it was them that got me started blogging in the first place. Not to worry though, for now I'm keeping Predators and Prey up and running, but it will be focused more on my Works in progress and minor battle reports that I haven't wanted to drown my blog in. Tournament posts and other reviews will most likely be posted at Back40k. I'll make sure to Cross-link articles of worth from time to time. I hope I am able to keep up the posts and I'll look forward to everyone's comments either here or there.

I've went ahead and got my first post on The Back 40k
Army goals; surviving and killing

So everyone watch out! There is a new Predator stalking The Back 40k!

Let's hunt!

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