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500 point tournament Part 2

So I started the battle reports for my games of the 500 point tournament at the Lafayette GP in my last post. The puppy made it out of surgery ok, she has stitches in her leg and we're supposed to keep her from jumping up. (easier said than done). I also went to the doctor so we both are taking medicine and are getting better. Lets get these reports finished shall we?

Recap, Game 1, tabled foot Tau, Game 2, got tabled by full mech IG, Game 3, got tabled by unstoppable DC dread.

After getting tabled twice, I wasn't too sure of how my rankings were going to be for the day, but there were still three more games and I was atleast happy to know my friend had a good chance in the rankings.

Game 4: ORKS!!
This was my friend's girlfriend's army.
Warboss with power claw
5-6 man Nobs with 2 power claws
some basic vehicle like thing (trukk?)
a 30 man ork boyz (shootas)
5 lootas

The mission was diagonal deployment again, but this time the entire game was night fight rules. I had short ranged deathspitters and a barrage weapon, I wasn't concerned. It was primary KP, secondary center objective that gave +2 bonus points.

First turn I opened fire on the boyz and scattered off but muti barraged back on to kill a good amount. My biovores had scored a HIT on every initial shot of a barrage thus far that day, until I played her, then I scattered 8 inches or more each time. To be fair she rolled almost all ones for her lootas the entire game. I then shot a barbed strangler shot at the boyz and called it good since I was behind cover.

On her turn She had her warboss and nobs drive towards my genestealers, jump out, run, call WAGGH and assault. ouch! I managed to put 4 wounds on the nobs on their initiative, and then they killed 4 stealers. I had to remind/explain wound allocation to her a bit, and killed a nob, and put a wound on a Pclaw and a normal one.
My next turn, moved up, fired all shots at the boyz with my warriors, killed them to one boy. Biovores shot at loota squad and missed. genestealers did one more wounds, got killed and the orks consolidated back to their vehicle.

She jumped back in the Trukk, and drove towards my warriors. My biovores hit for the only time that game, killing 4 of the 5 lootas and pinning the last one. I ignored that last boy (forgetting it was KP mission) and went for the trukk, shooting it and blowing it up killing another nob. She then assaulted my warriors with the one boy, the nobs and the warboss. The alpha warrior killed two Nobs (didn't manage to get to the boss since I turned facing and he was back of the squad), the warriors killed the rest of the nobs and the boy. The warboss then procedded to kill three warriors in one swing. AH! I lost combat by 2ish but made all of my armor saves.
My Alpha then attacked the boss, took him to one wound, and he died to the bonesword power. I consolidated onto the center objective sitting wide in the open. Her one loota shot at the warriors, I made my save on the Alpha, and then shot deathspitters at him to Table her. I hadn't moved my biovores all game (bonus point for having no units in your deployment zone, sigh) but that was the only bonus point I missed on top of the win. 7 KP to 1, (non troops were worth 2, transports still 1)
My buddy got another victory, only because of nightfight since he was facing a Half-mech IG list.

Game 5: Mech IG mkII
This guy was running almost the exact same list as the other guy, a few changes in number of melta guns but essentially the same.
CCS meltas in chimera
Vets meltas in chimera
vets meltas in chimera
Hydra flak tank
I'm calling him Tank Meister, as he had a german background as well. The guy from game two is going to be Mr Hydra.
Mission was called Loot the dead, four objectives, that joined an infantry unit and moved with them. any infantry can have them, and can pick up multiples, but cannot ride in tanks. So he had to get out to get them, my biovores might have a chance. Nope. The table was all small rocky hills, so I had almost no cover. I deployed, (corners) moved 6, grabbed one with warriors, and then ran 6 back to my corner. My army sat there huddling in the corner taking cover saves while the Hydra tore into my warriors each turn.

My genestealers outflanked, and ended up blowing up the Hydra, which left them in the open instead of cover behind it. They died next turn, while my biovores got one volley out into some gaurds men, just clipped the squad, pinned them (only to get ordered back into the fight, bleh). Biovores died next turn to multi lasers and we pretty much called it game after that, as he drove around unmolested to grab the other three, while my large squad of warriors sat there making saves.
The TO had walked by and asked how the game was going, "not bad, I have one in this corner, he has two right now over there" "Do you think that one is going to be enough?" "nope, but what else am I supposed to do?" He just nods in agreement and walks away, haha.

After review all of the scores, talking to my friend and some of the other people, we figured that the top 4 places at the moment all had played each other, Which means 1st is facing 5th, 2nd vs 6th. etc So I faced 8th. Also at this point Scotty was 5th so He was about to face Mr Hydra. My friend and I talked tactics with him, we were trying to upset the IG supremacy. He didn't know he could deepstrike crisis suits, so we explained it to him, and recommended the fusion gun suit. We also suggested outflanking the kroot so he could potentially glance to death a tank. He went into game 6 with a lot of confidence, only to find out game 6 had no reserves. poor scotty, on the bright side he got the table from my game 3 (plenty of walls)

Game 6: Half-mech IG

CCS with sniper,
Vet squad with a melta gun
Heavy weapons two lacannons and mortor
Sentinal with lascannon
another vet squad
Vendetta, missiles, Heavy bolters

The mission was extraction. Victory points for killing the enemy, double points for getting models across the opposite table edge. I plowed through his infantry with my stealers and warriors. He turbo boosted his vendetta and had it on my table edge the entire game shooting me. I think this was the guy that had never really played before. Either way he was really green and pretty much I had to tell him what to do with his vendetta each turn. He was going to just drive it off for the points, I told him he is guaranteed to fly it off in a turn or two, might as well shoot me while he can. Ended up costing me a few bonus points but eh, all in fun right? He had bad luck with his infantry, missed with lascannons and meltas, while his vehicles ripped me from behind. I still got the victory and some bonus points.

My friend, playing raging death company, was expecting to do horrible, he can't run towards the board edge, he has to go to the enemy, which is heading the opposite direction. Worst of all, he was facing Eldar, with jet bike troops and a falcon. Some how, he tabled the eldar, through pure mistakes of the player. He was pretty much telling the guy half way through that he just had to fly his stuff over him and win. At one point I hear "well that's 6 dead jetbikers" I'm like WTF and look over and my friend is giving me what he calls the " are you serious (irony look)"

So with that, my friend kept Third place above me, I held onto 4th, and top two stayed in place. Most people (TO included I think) weren't incredibly happy with the two IG players. 5th place and below were all pretty new to the game, and Most had attended the Noob tournament that was held the Month prior. I don't feel too bad for getting 4th. The Deathcompany did incredibly well for not being able to hold objectives, and top two were Ardboyz style IG lists.
Top to bottom, Mr Hydra, Tank Meister, Death company (my friend), Me, Half mech IG (the one I didn't play), Hydra's son (nids), Scotty (tau), The Friend's girlfriend's orks, Jetbike Eldar, and Half mech that I played last game.

You can see the point gaps. Well it was fun, and I don't feel like playing that small of point games any time soon. I'll post the missions later. They were well created.
Until then!

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  1. Small point games can lead to all sorts of nasty balance issues, particularly with IG and the large amounts of guns and tanks they can field.

    Good report.