Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zone of mortalis

I was just excited to use swarmlord
Played a game of zone of mortalis at battlemallet this week and it was awesome. I played tyranids in my first two games and dusted of my sisters of battle in my last game but due to battery life only got pictures of the tyranids. I wont do a battle report for my last game due to the with out pictures it will be hard to imagine the board but I will say turn two the board vented to space causeing a few sisters to get sucked out into space along with Nemesis's nurgle termies. This was funny because we where just talking about how the chances of that happening was rare, it also caused the rest of the game to be fought in vacuum so str4 and up shooting has rending. Ill go over some of the rules and post a few pictures from the second game I played.

                                     If you know the rules to zone of mortalis
                                then skip this next paragraph

 For  those of you that have not read the rules ill just mention a few of the important ones. Theres a attacker and a defender which have a different force organization chart, the defender have to take 1 HQ and 1 Troop and the attacker 1 HQ 1 Elite. The attackers gets more elite and fast attack and the defender get more troop and heavy, Troops and elites are scoring. you also split your army into to halves and one deploys and the other comes in from reserve. Over watch is done differently when an assault is declared you the unit over watching makes a initiative check and if they pass the fire at there ballistic skill and if they fail the snap fire like normal. the doors on the board are rolled for when you get to them and could be locked, controlled(the defending player can open but locked to the attacker), or unlocked. The doors are armor 13 with one hull point. All templates and blast have shred and when they scatter if the center hole touches a wall its stops and is placed there so it makes it easier to hit with. at the start of every turn both players roll a d6 and add it together and see what happens there are two charts one for fighting underground and one for space.  there are other rules but those are the big ones that come to mind.

The first game we played was a water down version to get used to the rules so Ill not talk about that game but the second one ill do a batrap on. It was me playing tyranids against space marines and eldar, it was 1500 point game with the marine and eldar player sharing a force org chart. I was the attacker they where the defender. The mission we rolled was 3 objectives and the defender wins on a draw so I would have to hold more of the objectives then them to win. the eldar had  10 fire dragons with the flamer guy, 10 dire avengers, 10 warp spiders with the exarch, a warlock with the heavy flamer power in a 10 man guardian unit and a wraithlord. The space marine player had cassius, 5 termies, 10 tactical marines with flamer and sergeant had power weapon, 5 sterngaurd, dreadnaught with multimelta, flamer. there stratagem was a BS2 assault cannon and I cant remember there other.  I ran swarmlord(ironarm, warpspeed, life leech, endurance) with 1 tyrant guard, deathleaper, 1 zoanthrope, 5 raveners,12 genestealers with broodlord(endurance + warpspeed), 12 genestealers with broodlord(ironarm, enfeeble), 15 termagaunts with devourers, carnifex with bioplasma and twinlinked devourers. my stratagems was giving the ability to flank to my fex and a little drone with a flamer which is what the single warrior model is.

the red dots are the objectives and the squares are the  deployment zones

Turn 1 and 2
I did not get pictures of the first turn but my raveners moved up the hallway where the fire dragons are now and got blown of the board by the dragons when they came in from reserve a mistake on my part. my devourer gaunts shot the guardians killing the warlock from the front of the unit and then assaulted them so they would not get flamed from the fire dragons next turn. Swarmlord punched through a locked door and the zaonthrope shot through a locked door. On turn 2 my fex, deathleaper and both genesteeler broods all came in the stealers just walked on and hide around corners till next turn when they could assault, the broodlord next to the tactical marines cast iron arm and the other cast endurance. deathleaper was placed in the rooms with the ojective and shot at one of the marines but did nothing. the fex shot his str7 ap2 blast at the sterngaurds but missed.

Turn 3
the 5 terminators came on the table by my genesteelers the marines by deathleaper shut the door on his face and flamed some genestealers and rapid fired into them. there dire avengers moved and shot at the fex and the wraithlord moved towards the fex and assaulted and finished it off. the other half of the marine squad and cassius moved towards the gaunts to try to finish them and so did the fire dragons. the warp spiders jumped through walls and shot the zoanthope to death.   Swarmlord moved to the dire avengers and assaulted them  winning combat and catching them when they fled. the stealers assaulted the tact marines and cleared them then consolidated around the wraithlord to keep it from moving away from swarmlord. Death leaper just hung out in his room. The other steelers assaulted the sterngaurd and killed them down to one.and the gaunts fought the guardians in CC.
space hulk anyone

Turn 4
The wraith lord flamed the genesteelers and assaulted them and the broodlord challenged him and got squashed. the terminators assaulted the other genesteelers that where in combat with the last sterngaurd but due to the narrow halway they where in single file line like in space hulk. two termy died and a few steelers. the guardians, fire dragons and space marines killed the last devourergaunts and consolidated towards the objective. warp spiders moved towards the objective that deathleaper was next to. swarmlord moved up and assaulted the wraithlord and crushed him and got the last 3 steelers out of combat. those steelers consolidated towards the objective that deathleaper was next to. The terminators and steelers continued to kill each other in ther line of death leaving the broodlord and 2 terminators. deathleaper went into reserve so he could take the objective in the far corner of the map that no one was near on last turn.

Turn 5
the marines, guardians and fire dragons all moved around the objective to keep death leaper from comming in near it. the broodlord killed one terminator and the other termy killed him. the warp spiders jumped through the walls into the room with the objective to prevent the 3 genesteelers from claiming it. on my turn death leaper came in claiming the objective in the far corner. the steelers assaulted the warp spiders in a desperate attempt to kill them and hold the objective, it failed. swarm lord moved up to the door and leeched life the spiders and was to big to fit through the door so could do nothing but stand there.
if only I could fit through this door !
End of game
death leaper held one objective and there marines and guardians held one and they where the defender so they win on draws so space marines and eldar Victorious
I got my objective 

the game was super fun, a lot of it being its a new way to play and units that might not get play can see the table top. Eldar are really good in this before the first game I knew that warpspiders where going to be annoying. genestealers performed well, the overwatch at full balistic skill is pretty brutal for them but a broodlord can help that a little. The game was close and if it was not for the warpspiders I could have won it but overall a close game. Im excited to try out my other armies in zone.


  1. Looks cool. I would love to try it sometime

    1. you should come next time its a blast

  2. Can't wait to try out a game. hmmm, eldar really do have it good on that board ;)

    1. that and salamanders due to all flamers have shred and if it already has rerolls it gets +1 str so all there flamer are str5 and heavy flamers a str 6