Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goals and schedule

Just so we are on the same page, and that this will not be a hard core first post.

Now that that is out of the way, Welcome all the Predators and Prey in 40k, or what I like to call 40k Prey. A quick introduction; I have been playing Tyranids for a little over two years, and they are my main and one could say only army. I do own about a thousand points of space marines that have yet to be played, and I also have played small skirmishes of Tau and Necrons, though not very successfully.

With the new Tyranid codex coming out January 16th of 2010, I decided to finally start up a blog, since there is only a month left with the old Codex. My goals are to post the last few battle reports of the fourth edition codex. Then, I will progress to displaying my army as I get it ready for the new release. I also hope to show some conversion/magnetizing guides as I build some new models. Lastly, I will be discussing some possible new tactics that are brought with the new Codex.

Thank you everyone for reading, please keep checking by as I get this up to speed. Tyranid players, I hope, as we get closer to the release date, that this helps or inspires you, and we can learn to do what we do best, Adapt. Non-Tyranid players, as you begin to face the coming swarm, let this aide you in learning their tactics.

The key to being a predator and not prey is knowing thy enemy.
Happy hunting!

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