Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Are there no challengers!

I haven't had a pick up game in I don't know when. The time between tournaments is getting longer and I'm noticing the difference as I'm not getting practice. Between my work schedule and the general mood of the LFGS I haven't played in some time.

I can't complain too much, as I've skipped opportunities to work on the hobby.
I've gotten my first squad done. Seems like far too much time on assembling one squad, but it feels good working at a slow pace with out any rush or real deadlines.

I have some more things I've been working on, and I'll get some more pictures of those up soon.

Ard Boyz is in two weeks, and school starts the week after that. I'm hoping to get on a better schedule by then. More work to come, stay tuned.


  1. I tried making out every Tuesday, but after 3 weeks of no one showing up, I just spend that time painting instead.

    Tournaments are about the only time I get games in these days.

  2. Lets go! YOu available tomorrow?

  3. Wienas, if you ever want to get a game in on a Tuesday, just let me know, I'm generally free after 4pm, sometimes earlier.

    Spag, I work almost every day, But I'm going to try and be up at G2D4 saturday, around noon.