Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Revisiting the old big kid on the street.

By TheGravemind

I managed to get a game in against a buddy of mine who has been trying to get his draigo-wing back into a competitive viable army. Now back in the day, GK and especially Draigo-wing was the bane of both my armies at the time. Nids and BA did not like high initiative force weapons with a good amount of shooting. But now I'm learning to play with my Tau, and I don't fear the paladins as much... or so I thought.

I had brought my camera, but forgot to take any pictures, so Sorry for that. He scouted his Dreadknights toward me, to threaten my soft stuff with his super flamers. He infiltrated the Vindicare assassin behind a ruin wall well out of sight. He had Draigo leading a large squad of paladins protecting coteaz and an apothecary. With some strike squads in reserve for harassment, that rounded out his list.

Did I mention we rolled up Kill points? Yeah, This would be fun....He has like 7, and three of those are part of the Unkillable paladin squad. I have like.... 17, and half of those are sacrificial units. I knew this would be a tough game, but going first I had a chance to make the difference. This was my first time trying out the new marine book, and I feel it really helped my allied marines.

First turn I took down both Dreadknights, so that was a relief as the pressure was off. Following turns I took on the strike squads as they came in, and fired away into the paladins. I took wounds off of Draigo early on, but then he wouldn't take any more.

My GOD!! That unit can take some fire power. Draigo leading, LoS to a 2+FNP, with a 4++ or 3++ depending on if it would ID or not. His FNP rolls were hot, and My S8 gun got hot the turn I really needed it, and curses I just couldn't kill the thing. He had mulched through my marines and their droppods each turn, and had quickly caught up in the killpoints I had caused in the early game. First blood was the only thing that really kept me ahead.

Luckily he couldn't charge head long into me, as it would allow me to get angle on the squad where Draigo couldn't tank the S8+. I think after 4 or 5 turns I finally killed Draigo, and then the squad started dying, but almost too late. It was 7-5 in my favor, and we rolled the game to go on another turn. I was about to grab line breaker, but he was in a position to grab 2-3 more kill points from drop pods and marines. But I had  good chance of tabling him now that Draigo was gone, as my best weapons had lived thus far.

I feel in an objective base game, this would have been much worse for him, as he had lost a lot early on. If he had taken first turn, I think his flamers could have really messed up my supporting fire, and might have saved him in the long run. The shrikes on the table may also have saved him from the droppods with first turn.

GK are still a very deadly force, they just don't have all the cool bells and whistles of a new codex, but they have plenty from last edition still. I still think the Dreadknight is one of the best MCs out there, just as good as the Riptide for it's points.

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