Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Chili Waaagh apoc game

By TheGraveMind
The Wardens of Truth (Dark Angels) fight the xeno (ork) menace. I rushed to get bikers and the rest of the army assembled and primed for this event.

Three bike squads with plasma and melta, a Knight command squad with lib, chaplain, and techmarine on bike hiding behind the Land raider with a power field generator. A Terminator chaplain and Librarian inside the tank with a terminator command squad with Apothecary and banners. Some drop pod Tacticals, some typhoons and a Nephilim. I had the Crusade banner giving all marines FNP within 24", Ravenwing banner giving my bikes an auto pass on Hit and Run, and Banner of devastation giving all of my bolters Salvo 4. I deployed to the side of our Titan to guard the flank.

The orks deploy heavy onto my side of the table, with something like 4 stompas and their own titan across from me.

Fire lords and other chapters hold the far end and repel any ork attempts to gain ground.

 With Air support, we attempt to Push the flank, but Dakka jets take their toll on Storm talons, and the Stompa's mash their way through our ground forces.

 Dakka jets making attack runs at our titan to drop the void shields. The Ork titan then fires to full effect and still doesn't finish it off! The Emperor protects.

 Through faulty Melta weapons, The Wardens cause little damage in the fight, but are able to still maneuver and pressure the side before the ork titan removes most of the army. The few survivors of each squad grabs their melta bombs and charge into Ork stompas and Kanns, giving the Imperium precious turns.

My warlord and his Apothecary hold their ground as Stompa after stompa charge at them, and are destroyed right before reaching them. The Ork advance saw them grabbing objectives early game, but our dedicated destruction of the Stompas saw us repel the attack and claim Super heavy kills putting us at 16-11 and the end of the game.

The Battle was won, but at a great cost, 5 Dark angel models remained alive on the table. Mourn not for our brothers, they died serving the Imperium and have earned their place beside the Emperor. Apothecary Castiel made sure all geneseeds were recovered and the fallen shall live on in our new brothers!

Custos Veritas!

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