Friday, March 21, 2014

They came from the darkness!

By TheGravemind

So the blog has been quiet for a month or so. All of us here are busy trying to get ready for Adepticon. Life's been throwing me some curve balls, but things are starting to settle back down.

Forge world released some new Night lord bits, and I wanted to show them off.

While I do think these helmets look pretty bad ass, I don't think they look as good as the raptor ones. And I've already made a collection of helmets to use, so I'm not sure on these. I do like that they are sold separate, so I don't have to buy a full kit just for these helmets.
I'm not sold on these torsos at all. A bone here, a skull there, nothing really to them. I was hoping for full rib cages and handfuls of skulls for a "Terror" squad. Kind of a disappointment in my opinion.
With their powers combine we get...
I do really wish they had some of these painted up, cause right now the chest pieces don't do anything for the model. The heads are a bit miss-matched for a full squad, but I guess you could have the weird full skull for a sarge, and two other odd ones for special weapons. But maybe I'm just picky that way.

Right now I'm just collecting bitz for my Nightlords. I won't really start any work till after adepticon. I really want to finish painting more of my Tau first.


  1. Any idea who's all coming up for Adepticon? I've talked to Aaron and I assume Austin's coming too, but haven't heard much from anybody else.

    1. Dustin, Ryan, Jason and I are doing the team tournament.

    2. The team tournament is madness; I told them I'd help judge those days again this year, so I'll see you guys around.

    3. Yeah, we're not going in with any real expectations. Just kind of taking what we have and seeing how it goes.

  2. I'm very, very curious to see what Konrad Curze will look like when ForgeWorld releases a model for him...
    I'm sure I'll either totally love it, or totally hate it...Cuz Konrad is my dogz, yo.

    1. I know right?! Give me the night haunter! I mean really it's batman with a skull face helmet and i'd be happy. but what ever works.