Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tyranid Cool-WIP frenzy

So my army was feeling weak after the tournament, I decide it was time to kick things up and be ready for the next one.

And so with Greenstuff in one hand, and Glue in the other, I went to work on some conversions. Firstly, I truly believe there is no modeling problem the proper amount of glue and greenstuff cannot fix. Now I've had bitz here and there set aside for these projects, but I had not really gotten around to them.

Now I did have a post a while back about my first Tyranid Prime and my Death leaper, found here.

But now I've started some serious works. For starters I needed some more Anti-tank options. Begin production...
My first work on a Tyranofex, with a second on the way.

Here is another Tyranid Prime option, with my non-standard Hive Guard behind him.

I then made two biovores from scratch. Random bitz thrown together and added my "biovore backpacks" I had made for my warriors a while back. Frankenstein's monster? Yes. Looks better than normal biovore model? Definitely.

Lastly, all these new monsters will need some sort of protection. I need a venomthrope. For now I'll make my own. Old lictor with random other bitz and such.

I also finished my Trygon/Mawloc

I've got about two more Hive Guard to finish, and last details on my two Tyrannofexen, and then its time to prime and paint. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of them painted in a week or two.

Until then,
Happy Hunting!

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  1. Your conversions are childish and pathetic.....its people like you who bring the hobby us all a favor and hang yourself before making any more of your abominations