Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ode to the Forgotten

These once powerful titans of my lists are not all but forgotten with the new codex.

The broodlord is now a mere shell of what he once was, While the Winged Tyrant has received a huge point hike, and a downgrade in survivability. And then there are the fexes. With the main components of my old lists no longer viable, I've been on a quest to replace them. And then that quest came to a halt.

Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. With the inability to find any games to play, I've found myself lacking any motivation to work on anything 40k. I've only had one game with the new rules, and that was on release day, and I used an old list to see how things have changed. Sure I've ran a few game simulations, but you can only play against your own space marines on a 4x4 section of floor for so long before you get stale of your own tactics.

The good news, with no games to be played I've had time to work on conversions and list ideas. As with that, lets begin the WIP show.

Here are bitz and pieces while I decided how to create my First Tyranid Prime. He is to become a mini-tyrant.

I bought some bloodletters on sale and started using some of their parts.

And here he is while I tried to decide how to pose his arms.

This is my new lictor. He will probably be my DeathLeaper, should I ever feel like playing him. I'm very happy how he came out. Now if only my painting will match that quality.

So those are just some of my conversions and works in progress. There are a few others that I have not taken photos of, but may in times to come. Hopefully I can get a good game in, to help motivate myself to get working on completing and painting my models.

Oh, and with the new tervigon, AKA the Trooper-Pooper, I got myself some new/more gaunts. 30 of them to be exact, and here they are.

I hope these pictures didn't slow down anyone's computers, and maybe inspired some conversions. I'll keep looking for bits, ideas, and games.

Until then
Happy Hunting!

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