Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sacrifice to Khorne

I personally hate the Khorne bezerker models. Their poses make them look like they are dancing the robot, and they wear the bunny ears of doom helmets. In my chaos army, I enjoy their stats and effects, but my army is not demon worshiping, so they'll be elite assault units. Or for normal marines they are just Assault marines. Either way they needed to be less korny.

So I sat down with my trusty exacto knife and a file and went to work. Now eight of these suckers I got assembled already from a friend, the other eight I built myself. So that's 16 bodies that needed khorne symbols cut off of them, and that did not please the Ruinous power of carnage. He demanded blood for the blood god. A few cuts and bandages later, after a long hour of work, they were a bit more generic. On the ones I assembled, I had extra chaos heads I was able to use. I also threw in some other chaos arms so they weren't all static poses.

If I can find some more heads, my next project is going to take shape. Some cutters and some Non-bunny heads. Khorne should enjoy this, Skulls for the skull throne!

For those who didn't get that, I'm cutting Khorne bezerker's heads off. Oh the Irony.


  1. The guy with the powerfist in this post uses a Berzerker head filed down. I think it looks pretty cool.

  2. Khorne care not for your irony, he only demands his due.