Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whistle while you work.

Now that school is over for the year, I have time to work on my projects again. Oh wait, now there is work. I started a new job, and man.... I'm now working 5pm - 4am, and that is not fun.

My main dilemma is now concerning Ard Boyz. I work 5pm friday till 4am saturday. Which means I will be driving down 6am to Indy for Ard boyz. Sure there is Ard boyz up here, but I have a wedding I'm supposed to be attending around 6pm by Indy, so I'll have to skip the award ceremoney of Ard boyz, and honestly I'm hoping for a short third round. You might even see me playing 40k in a tux. haha.

Back to the point of scheduling, with my new work hours, I'm trying to condition myself and change my internal clock. To most people being up from 5pm working, to driving, to 40k to wedding would consist of an all nighter. If I wake up a little before 5pm, then I should be fine till a little after the wedding. I'm hoping at least. Lets just say after two years, I'm starting to drink Monster energy again. I hope the whole sleep thing doesn't effect my strategic mind at Ard boyz.

But I'm not working every day, so I have had time to work on my models. I've picked up two habbits. When I'm assembling models, I like to eat animal crackers.... or as I call them, Biomass crackers haha. When I'm painting, I turn on my Netflix and watch an old school Tv show. Right now I'm working through Firefly. Good show.

So progress this week, finished assembling Hive tyrant arms (magnetized). replacing arms on my gaunts. I just finished painting my Trygon finally. I'm half way done painting my Tyrannofexes. After that probably paint my Hive guard, then gaunts and Tyrant guard, depending. I also have a lot of genestealers that need some touching up, but those can wait.

If I'm ever awake when the sun is out anymore I'll get some pictures of my works so people can actually believe me. And if you see any posts time stamped around 2am-6am you now know why.

I keep promising pictures, and eventually I'll get around to it. Once Ard boyz is over, I have about three projects lined up I'm going to try and start working on. I'm hoping seeing some cool armies at Ard boyz will motivated me on my projects.

Oh, and the missions. Man those look yummy! I'm thinking starting conservatively, and progressively getting more aggressive. I really want to play the third mission against full mech. All I'd have to do is kill five transports and that's 15kp, the same as my army runs. Then It's just a matter of not getting tabled. Well, we'll see how it goes.

I wish everyone the best of luck at Ard Boyz! I hope some of us Xenos show them Imperials how it's done. Kill'em sumtin proper like.

Happy hunting.


  1. I used to love working 3rd shift. The hardest thing to get used to is that it's Friday when you go to work, but it's Saturday when you get off work. Figuring that out for scheduling was a nightmare.

  2. Ugh, I can't deal with 3rd shift. I enjoy sleeping waaaay too much.

    Good luck