Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exploding landraiders MkII

I got another game in against ole Dusty, this time he wanted to try out a 1750 list. There haven't been that many competitive players around lately, and he was ready for a game, so why the heck not. Well we rolled up 4 objectives with dawn of war deployment. The four bases are the objectives, they were ignored till the last turn of the game. Partly because I had middle control.

I won first turn, and since My new list was designed to be a giant sledge hammer of doom, I wanted everything moving together, I held it all back for turn 1, and Vanguard deepstriking. He sets up some snipers in the back left ruins, with a combat squad with lascannon on a lower level.

I move everything up, rhinos 18, Redeemer 12 behind. speeders and dread take cover first turn. Pop some smoke even though its night fight. Then he moves things on, and drops an Ironclad to my right. He uses the Ironclad's searchlights to light up my Vindicator (grey tank) and his army lit it up. It came to front armor, and side armor with cover, leaving it immobilized and Crew shaken.

He had boosted up two attack bikes, and his freshly assembled (being generous with that term) assault squads jumped around on the right side covering the devs on the hill.
His other side saw a Godhammer LR, a TL Lasback, the three typhoons, and the heavy weapons in the building. Our speeders started having a little fight of their own, I'd move, shoot him, he'd move them and shoot mine. Reminded me of Bishops in chess. He came out with his third one alive, as to be expected. My turn two saw my charging his LR with one rhino, the devs with the other, the Vindi blocked pathing. My redeemer drove towards the Ironclad, and the honor guard jumped out with meltas, blowing it up. My Lib Dread jumped behind the Redeemer ready to push back any unneeded assaults. My vanguard made it in, and deep striked between the bikes and the assault squad.

 My vanguard made short work of the two attack bikes. With all of that melta gone from that side of the table, Dusty was hard pressed with my redeemer charging towards hit assault marines. I consolidated my Vanguard as close as I could to my redeemer to draw the assault marines closer.

On my left side, I was about to disembark from my rhino and cause havoc,... then I remembered you don't jump out unless you have to, so I just fired point blank and blew up his LR with meltas. I did the same thing and made two pop shots at his Devs taking out the last two. (Redeemer Assault cannon got some good roles last turn). I used a Flamestorm and roasted about 4 assault marines.
He spent the entire turn firing everything at my Redeemer, and Finally one lucky shot, rolled like three 6s in a row to blow mine up. I deployed my honor guard in the back corner of the "crater" so he was out of assault range.

Is it just me, or is it a rule that anytime a LR gets hit, it has to blow up? Cause it really seems that way to me.
Oh, and My Lib dread, got a perils on his Wings of sanguinor power, and thus immobilized himself. Oh irony.

In an attempt to redeem my Dread, I used fear of darkness and made the Assault squad flee,... just enough to regroup and cause trouble. In retrospect, Honorguard could have wiped them in CC. He moved his razorback up to contest an objective.

He assaulted my honor guard with the jump packs, My captain took out a few, my power weapon did a few, and everyone died. Well, not the captain, or the three assault marines stuck in combat with him for three turns cause I couldn't roll a 4+ to wound.

And my mistakes cost me the game, I went up with one tac squad to melta the razorback, but didn't get close enough to contest the objective, which my other rhino drove to a new one and blocked any path to contest with.

So after I blew up the Razorback, he just jumped out and sat on the objective. ugh. So it ended with a draw. But I played a lot better, I did some serous damage to him, and I felt really good about the game. I learned a lot, from people making suggestions, like "last turn, you should have move this here"

Dusty was up for another game with someone, this time with his 1.5k list. So one of the other guys there used my marines and made a list. I took pictures of that as well so I could learn and see how he played. That is a right up for another day, but I'll leave you with this.
Yes it is blurry, show let me explain. That is a Droppod's storm bolter lining up the killing blow on a Mephiston proxy. He had one wound left, so hid behind the building. The Stormbolter fired, wounded, and the 2+ was failed. Best kill of the game.

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  1. Nice Storm Bolter Shot!! Let's get the nids ready for tomorrow!!!