Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to lose a Land raider

So I went to the South Game preserve this tuesday after work, knowing that attendance hasn't been that high and there may not be that many players there. Well to my surprise one of my old nemeses was there. He is a veteran player, when I first faced against him he was running a muck with his eldar and was nigh unstoppable. Well he had taken a while off of 40k, and now has started back up with Space marines. I eagerly accepted a game with him, someone I consider a competitive player, to test out my Marines.

Last time I had faced him with my marines, it was a team game. My teammate had a mostly reserves list, so I took early game firepower. I was interested in finding out how a 1v1 game would develop. We rolled off for the game, getting Kill points, and 12" deployment. "Classic"

I won to go first, and deployed. (see above picture) He then deployed as well. He was running pretty much the same list as last time I faced him, but changed up his snipers to include Telion.
Captain, Combi-melta, lightning claw.
Command squad, meltagun x4 In drop pod
Dread MM in drop pod
Tac squad Lascannon/ flamer With Razorback TL Lascannon
Snipers x5 with Telion and a missile launcher
Typhoon squad x3
Dev squad with Ml x4
From left to right, Snipers in ruins, vindicator, speeders, combat squad with lascannon, devastator squad, second vindicator, razor back with flamer combat squad. First turn I drove everything up, with everything going 12-18 inches where possible. My rhino (suicide squad) took the side closest to the vindicators, while everything else went towards the razorback to sweep the side. My plan was to take advantage of the cover in between his forces and allow more saves as I came through. I popped smoke with most of my vehicles. This was my first mistake, I forgot to pop smoke with my back LR.

On his turn, He managed to drop his command squad right in that gap in front of my Godhammer. The captain jumped out on the other side by my blue Typhoon. Long story short, cover save on my speeder saves it from the combi melta, and only one of the four meltas pen my LR, but of course just like last game, it only takes one melta pen to make it blow up. Ok, that hurts, but I can still do this. It takes the whole rest of his army to shoot down my one rhino. His last shooting takes out everyone but the melta gunner, oh by the way, that is the one squad that got the Red Thirst, so Meltagunner is fearless!

I move everything else up some more for the most part. The blue typhoon scoots back to fire krak rockets at the captain. The Flamerback drives over, the troops jump out, and prepare to fire on the command squad. Between all of the flamers, and krak rounds I fired, I killed one CS melta. My Redeemer's MM blew up the razorback. A very poor turn of shooting for me. Oh, and that one melta gun guy, was 7" from the vindicator, and so didn't pen. I assaulted with my three guys from the LR, and some how won combat by 2 on that. I did more damage in combat than anything else.

On turn two his Dreadnaught comes in, and scatters 12" away from my Redeemer, and lines up a Butt hurt'n on my speeder. This Turn of firing from him hurts me bad. Vindicators immobilize my Redeemer, the Typhoons blow up my razorback, the Dread kills my speeder, and the captain assaults in to save his CS.

On my turn I pop a drop pod for easy kill points, and my DC and Hq make a run for it. My flamerback fails to do anything, and the rest of the infantry run into cover cause this mission is going to hell. Another good turn of shooting has him kill off my death company slowly with each heavy weapon shot. As he kills my Librarian, I call game. My S10 Lib was my one last hope. It was 5 to 2 in Killpoints. Man I hate his list, it is just the bane of my army. We talked for atleast another hour after the game, about tactics, and tips. I went into it knowing this list wasn't refined and was my fun/balanced list, but next time it will have a little bit more focus. So back to the work bench for my Marines.

My list I was running if anyone was interested.
Librarian; Sword and shield of sanquinor
Deathcompany x5, powerweapon
in a Redeemer with MM
Assault squad with Flamer
In LandRaider

Assault squad with Melta
In a Razorback Hbolter HK
Assault squad with Melta
In a Razorback H-Flamer HK
Assault squad with Melta
In a Rhino
Typhoon speeder
Typhoon speeder

I realized I haven't done a full Battle report in some time. I need to start doing this more, it is the best way to learn from your mistakes. Don't you all agree?


  1. I like batreps. I like learning.

    I approve.

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  3. To say the least that list is rough. I played against him on sunday and we got in a very close game. I lost with my ork trukk list due to him placeing his objective on the 4th floor of a building. Otherwise it would of been a draw.

    Only thing I can say that I think that particular list could of done better, is gotten in his face as fast as you can. It limits his response time. Your list cannot outshoot him.

  4. Hey you will get to him eventually. You need some long range. Hey when can we get together for a game?

  5. Well more battle reports means more games, with pictures. That requires me to remember, but I'm going to try.

    Ya, I played too conservatively and wasn't aggressive enough against him.