Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Reinforcements Have Arrived!

I love that feeling I get when I come home to find out my requisition form has gone through. More reinforcements! I had a little extra money from a paycheck, and so bought what I consider some well needed models from TheWarStore. I always enjoy getting their box, because they have a giant sticker on saying "Your reinforcements have arrived". I got myself three more rhinos, my second Baal predator, and enough shoulder pads and extra legs to finish off another 10 man squad.

This allows me for the flexibility of list designing I've been struggling with. Over 1,750 I have literally had to use every model I had. These new models also help me diverge into the two list types. The extra rhino chassis will let me go heavy mech with more razorbacks and rhinos. While the new squad will make it easier for me to try a foot/jumpack list.

So this should be my last purchase for my Marines in a good long time.... baring the extra jump packs I need to buy, and maybe the extra bitz for some custom models in my death company.

This shipment also came with the needed extra bitz I needed to finish up a little special Halloween project I'm working on. Pictures should be up soon for that!

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