Friday, July 22, 2011

A little Tau progress.

"Get to the Chopper!"
Ok, so I've been working more on the hobby side of 40k. I haven't been making a lot of progress as I'm taking my time, but I'm getting a few things done. Plus between a social life and horrible internet, I'm finally getting around to posting some more. First off, Tau pictures.

As you can see above, I made a guy reaching out of the back of a Devilfish. It adds a little bit of character to the tank. I haven't decided how I want to attach him. If I glue him in place, then the door wont close and it will be more likely to break off. I'm thinking about trying to magnetize him, so I can take him off and reattach him.

So I have added a few more members to my fire warrior team. Two crouching and the Team Leader. The different capes seem to be working great, and now that I have a couple FW aiming, I need to make a few that are running into position.
Team Leader with bonding knife, and other Trophies.
I have about 8 more of these Fire warriors to finish off and then I'll paint them up. Not to mention I need to finish their Devilfish.

Fusion huh!
I really like the Stealth 15s over the 25s and luckily when I got my collection I was given about eighteen 15s. Unfortunately they are all Burst cannons, so I had to do a little chop work. The one on the right took a little more work and green stuff, but didn't turn out to bad.

And last is my first Pathfinder. I need to figure out how I'm going to do the marker light attachment, but I like how this turned out. It feels a little plain compared to the more detailed Fire warriors, but I'm hoping once the painting starts, it will bring it all together.

Comments and Suggestions?

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  1. If you've got extra pulse carbines (and you certainly should) you could chop off the grenade launcher and invert it across the top of the barrel. Other options are to take the last quarter of a pulse rifle barrel and mount it horizontally. Drill out 2 small holes and dab with the LAZOR color of your choice (I like bright green) to make your markers.