Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First game with Tau

And as expected I lost. But not as badly as I expected. Nemesis called me up and wanted to get a game in, I was feeling like giving the tau a try, and had my 1.5k list ready. He wanted to play 2k, so I switched a few things up, added another commander with body guard and another pathfinder squad. We roll up annihilation with spearhead deployment.
He wins the roll to go first, so I try to deploy defensively, which takes a good amount of time. It seems I definitively need to learn to deploy better.

He turbo boosts his storm raven up into my face, with mephiston inside. I'm giddy because I'm expecting to take away his cover save and light the raven up with railguns. Leaving all of my plasma guns to kill mephiston. Little did I know how the first turn would actually turn out.

His droppod comes in on my left side, the dread jumps out and blows up my devilfish. The explosion reaches the pathfinders hiding behind it. Of course he wounds 6/8 of them, and I make only one armor save. They run off the table. Lascannon shots stun both of my Hammerheads. Land raider fires into my other devilfish and blows it up, and kills half of the pathfinders hiding behind that one. They don't run but I only have 3 left.

So on my turn, I only get one marker light hit on the Storm raven. I get two hits with my broadsides, and he makes one 5+ cover save. Weapon destroyed, I take off the Multi melta. Crap, Well I fire all of my missile pods into the darn thing. Between AV12 and 4+ cover, I managed to blow off the assault cannon, shake it, and blow off a Blood strike missile, but nothing else.

His turn two has both railguns blown off of my Hammer heads, and mephiston assaulting my broadsides. I then unload plasma into mephiston taking a few more shots than needed. My piranha comes in from reserves, shoots the fusion gun at the landraider and blows it up, pinning the squad inside. My only two kill points are 250 point models. Sometimes the hardest ones to kill.

Well the game goes on, I lose a Hammerhead, the piranha, a fire warrior squad. My stealth suits harass the crap out of his midfield, glancing a razorback and then downing two speeders.

The game ends, I hadn't really lost anything else, He focused his entire army into my stealth suits and I still had two left. It was like 2-7 in Kill points. But I had a completely weaponless Storm raven, a weaponless and immobilized dreadnought, an Weaponless and immobilized razorback, two half sized assault squads, and an immobilized land speeder being assaulted by stealth suits. So considering I had 5 "almost" KPs, I don't think it went that poorly.

A few tweaks to the list, a little more melta and practice, I think I'll be doing well. Now If only I wasn't using broken and horrible scared and used models.

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