Sunday, June 26, 2011

Games went eh

So I took my 1850 list to the Games 2 Die 4 tournament, there were around 10 people there, even one of the bloomington crowd.

My first match up was against Dodger13 and his deamons. He is definitely top tier player and I've always had trouble against deamons so I was thinking I was in for some trouble. Well he didn't get his preferred wave, I moved to middle of the board and pushed him to the back corners. I dropped Bloodthirster, half of his plague bearers and half of the seekers in my first salvo. My second turn didn't kill much if anything, while he immobilized my Storm raven. From there I kept pulling back and shooting till he finally was assaulting my front ranks in the middle of the board. We roll and the game ends at 5. He has one plague bearer alive in the back objective, fateweaver is in combat with marines on the middle one, and I have a razorback squad on my back one. Victory point tie breaker gives me the win by 200 cause of blood thirster.

Game 2 was mech eldar. I was thinking I had a pretty good chance in this game. oh how little I was wrong. Dawn of war with him going first, it was nothing really happening first turn for him. My front razorback drove up and search lighted one of his wraithlords, and I opened fire. One less lance to worry about. Then he fires all of his S6 and glances my razorbacks. almost every result blew off my lascannons. My return fire with plasmas meant I too needed 5+, but nope, I couldn't get a single one to save my life. My meltas wiffed, the squad ran on his turn, I had to focus too much fire each turn. Game ends with him holding objectives in the middle because I couldn't get enough to contest.

Game 3 was against Sandwyrms Imperial guard. It had been a long time since we had played last, and I had came a long way with my Blood angels. I won to go first, set up with AV13 in front, and ready to roll out. Scout moves and then he seized....crap. Well he caught my side armor with lascannons, I couldn't make a cover save, ever pen result was an explosion or wreck. I ended up being trapped because of my deployment and wrecks. I blew up one Vendetta and proceeded to struggle to kill empty chimeras for two turns before I got my next Kill point. Game ends 4-12 and I didn't have much left at all and I hardly touched him.

over all my games were a little eh. While two of them were very close games, I felt I could/should have done slightly better. I'm definitely putting mephiston back in instead of the Furioso dreadnought, he is more mobile and more threatening I feel.

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