Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Tournament results

So a little late, but considering it was the day before I left for Europe, and my internet access is a little hit and miss. So Team tournament....Ya that didn't go as well as I had hoped. Between busy schedules, drops and swaps, we didn't have a concrete team roster until the week of the Tourney. We had one practice game the day before. It was incredibly fun, everyone had a great time, and we all learned a thing about team tournaments.

I think I was the only one on our team that had attended the other team tournament, So I had a slightly better idea going in what to expect. So we went in, Won our first round, and proceeded to get massacred our next two rounds.
Here are some pictures.

Our first game was against Deamons and Chaos marines. Our teammates of ork and tau battled against their eldar and eldar.

 He hid his obliterators in the building, which allowed me to infiltrate 12" away, and with my fleet roll I assaulted them first turn and took their spot.

 I miss judged my distance here, and was within Bloodthirster's assault range. Worst of all my Prime was too far back to make base contact and use his lash whip. Luckily Nob bikers were able to come in next turn and beat him down.

Game 2 Was against Daemons and Blood angels. It was Dawn of war deployment that really hurt here. Having all of my anti-tank have to walk from the back meant the blood angels in razorbacks and predators could sit back and shoot. The daemons jumped in our face early on. I Pumped all of my shots into fate weaver, dealing a wound. After two or three turns I killed him, but by then It was too late and all the orks had lost assaults against the deamons.
our teammates deployment. 60 ork boys up in front with KFF

and Droppod salamanders.

 Game three was against White scars and Eldar. They had firs turn and deployed aggressively. Bikes all turbo boost up, and the eldar move and fire to minimul results. I assault into the bikes, my right stealers wiping them out, my left stealers wiffing against two attack bikes. My Warriors move through cover 1 inch, and assault 2 inches. Meaning I don't get my full attacks and that sets them back in that combat, and left my prime to do the heavy lifting.

Our double ork team vs Eldar and Blood angels.

 This is the turning point of the game. I went to assault the wraithlord with my genestealers. I rolled a 1 on my run move, which left me half an inch away from assaulting. What would have happened would be We are stuck in combat for a few turns, I rend a few times and just slightly win, and then move onto their back objective and battle eldar troops. Instead you see the above where the Wraithlord flames them all to death instead.

The game ended being very close. We had brought the eldar to just a few models left in their back field holding an objective, but we just couldn't kill the attack bike that was contesting our objective.

So we Ended up in last place. While I did enjoy bringing back the tyranids for a tournament, and remembering how to play them well, in this team setting I think my fast moving Blood angels would have served better. Some more practice games with the team might have been beneficial as well, but We did well enough and had fun. If they have another one, we are definitely training more before hand.

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