Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tyranids take the lead

By TheGraveMind

Nemesis, Knowsaj, and I went up to the G2D4 tourney ran by Spagaurtyrine this weekend. Knowsaj fought against daemons in the final round for first place, losing in the final turn. The top four places were Daemons, Tyranids, Tyranids, and Tyranids. Both knowsaj and I ran similar lists with two flying hive tyrants, doom, 2 tervigons and mawlocs/trygons. The third tyranid player ran a more traditional list, with a walking hive tyrant, 6 hive guard, 3 tervigons and support.

I'm really happy to see tyranids doing so well locally. It is a good feeling now when I play them, since I have my entire army painted and starting to progress beyond table top standard. While tyranids have begun doing better, I'm still not sure if I'll be bringing them to the Indy Open. But for now, they are definitely my default tournament army.

My life for the swarm!


  1. You did great! Nids with psychic choir are really tough to deal with. Runes of wardng are the counter to them tho. I am considering looking into such a counter. Or i guess 2 to 4 runepriedts with jaws alo works,. We will see. I do want test game eith you with my gk/necron list .

  2. Well, luckily I don't run my list with the intent of using psychic powers, they are just an added benefit. I can see runes crippling a True psychic choir list.