Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It Burns!

By TheGraveMind

So I've really gotten back into my Tyranids lately, so I went back and started reading through all the ... "other" stuff in the codex. I will not honor it by calling it Fluff. I know now why I couldn't recall that much of it, I had purged it from my mind. Some of it just doesn't make sense, most of it is horrible.

Almost every unit entry can be summarized into "__ is a mindless beast made only for killing and controlled by the gestalt Hive Mind. Even with out control it is a cunning/merciless killer. This is because it has amazing survival instincts"
Tyranids do not have survival instinct. They do not run away from other tyranids, and the swarm does not ignore nor deny biomass. Does crudface even know how science works?

And then all of the game mechanics for the half of the codex that no one uses (for a reason). Nids get a shitty ass "subterranean assault" hole to pop out of, but DE get a working Webway portal. Lictors not effecting reserves until they come in... Do they even know how their own game works?

Not to mention how few victories they talk about. "___ fell here." or "___ consumed by Hivefleet" is the only wins the Nids can count up. But full pages of our defeats are detailed and recounted. That doesn't help a Nid player's moral.

Or the Kryptman's gambit that was built up so much in the previous codex, was just washed aside and not really talked about at all. What little was talked about was trying to put unneeded detail into small scale battles leading up to it. No progress was made in the story line there.

That aside, I still love my tyranids, and will continue to work on them and play them. The units that are good, are really good, and make the army what it is. I can only hope they fix the crap units (half the book) and add a few more decent choice in the next update.

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  1. hopefully phil kelly does the tyranid update/new book