Friday, June 21, 2013

Hive Fleet Zhuran

By TheGravemind

Say biomass!

Last time we showed off the Mallet Master's Nurgle forces. This time for Armies on Display I'm putting my own Tyranid Army on display. This time we added some more lighting with white background and got a second (better than mine) camera.

My display board can barely handle all the gaunts.

I like how it helps pull it all together though.
Some of my auxiliary units, carnifex and gargoyles.

My hive tyrant and my first spore pod
He just wants a hug!
Doom to the left, death leaper on the right, Tervigon down the center.

Nothing like a pool side view.


These close ups really make me want to work on the detail and carapace of my bigger bugs. I have way to many unfinished models as it is though. It is hard to justify adding more detail to a table top ready model, when there are some that are just primed.

What do you guys think of my painted Nids? More detail needed? More color? I've started adding more green to them to make them a bit more vivid.


  1. I really like the way they are looking. And I am afraid of those big guys. .

    1. And that's when the little guys get you.

  2. Probably the prettiest Tyranids I've ever seen... and possibly the one army I hate the most right now XD

    Tyranid Nik... the bane of my tournament existence :P

    1. Well I remember your Templar ruining my day a couple of time, so I'm just paying it forward. Hopefully soon I'll have a new army finished for you to hate on. :D

  3. Cool colour scheme! I can hear the chittering already! The gloss on the carapace is a nice touch too.