Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorite Tau Weaponry

By TheGravemind

I've been having a lot of fun with my Tau recently, and I wanted to go over some of my favorite weapons of theirs. Here are my top 5 Favorite Tau weapons.

#5: Markerlight
     What Tau weapon list would be complete without Markerlights. Though I hardly use these buggers, (Yes I know, I'm that weird tau player) When I do use them, they are invaluable. Stripping a units cover save, or boosting squads shooting, they are versatile and a force multiplier.

#4: Fusion Blaster
     With their new 18" range, they are even better than before. Now Tau units don't need to get as close to wreck vehicles. Using two dice at 9" way is great and adds "a longer arm with which to wield our weapons". Being able to hit heavy infantry at 18" is also good, as you can hardly go wrong with S8 AP1 guns.

#3: Smart Missile System
     They now changed from two weapons to a single twin linked gun, they lost shots but well made up for it. They now completely ignore cover, and line of sight. They are great for clearing weak troops out of hiding without having to waste markerlights. When on Broadsides they are fantastic with interceptor.

#2: Ion Accelerator
     I fell in love with it the first day I saw it. While most people went for the Heavy burst cannon on their riptides, I knew exactly what I wanted. As with all the Ion changes in the codex, it has the option for solid shots or a blast. Three S7 shots or a S8 large blast, all at AP2 is so versatile and just what tau needed. The fact that you can risk going to S9 ordnance is good if you really need that final push on a tank. When you consider it has 72" range and can be used with interceptor, people really have to rethink deepstriking in.

#1; Longshot Pulse Rifle
     This is a 48" rapid fire Sniper weapon on a relentless platform. It is about time they made a good sniper weapon in the game besides the necron unit. They have two shots at 24" while moving, and they have BS5 (for the most part). Add in the ability for Tau to give a unit Tankhunter/monster hunter, ignore cover etc, and they are devastating. They also benefit from Invoking the Element of Fire from an Ethereal, for 3 shots at half range. All of this is enough to kill a Great Unclean One in one turn. No easy task.

So what is everyone's Favorite tau weapon? or one that you dread to get shot by? Do you have certain weapons you use above others in your own army?

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