Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post-gencon scheduling

By TheGraveMind

I'm behind batman and Spock on the escalator.
After putting Real Life on hold for four days to attend Gencon this year, I think I'm finally caught back up. It was my first year going, and Man it was more than I expected. A bit more expensive, but I think with better planning next year I can save money and do more. Here are a few of my highlights.

It's funny if you know the Comic.

Mandalorians on the march.
Obligatory Games Workshop display picture.

I finally got my tau "assembled" so I'm no longer using proxies. But I still need to finish the models, so I can finally get to painting them. I'm really liking how they are working. I took them out for their first real excursion and they didn't fail me, though there were some tough moments.

In other news Nova is starting in a day or so. Got some good people showing up to that, so I can't wait to start hearing about it.

And lastly, rumors are putting Tyranids out in a few months, looking like a Nidvember. I guess I have a deadline to get my Tau finished by then.

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