Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deathwing in Apocalypse

By TheGravemind

So some of you might remember I have a deathwing force I started sometime back. It was originall planned to be a Mantis Warrior first company force using deathwing rules. The 6th edition happened and terminators were supposed to be better. And then the DA book was on the way so they waited. Deathwing sucks now, so they sit primed on a shelf. I had even bought chapter house shoulderpads for them.

But a few weeks ago I played in an apoc game and the call to defend the imperium went out and my mantis warriors answered. My 3k list was like 45 termies, two dev squads and some ICs.

 We had imperial fists, ultramarines, a red chapter, and my dark angels vs two crons and two orks. Those foul xenos were the attackers, and set up as close as they could, and then seized on us. First turn casualties were high on both sides, but our defences held and kept them from diving too deep into our side.
Belial and 12 terminators appeared behind an ork super heavy to deal the final blow and give our side a few point lead. Then the foul necron lord removed their armor with his entropic powers and despite plenty of stormshields they were killed by volume of fire.

But the sacrifice was not in vain for the necron lord died to centurion gravcannons the following turn. With trophy kill, we gained another small boost in points.With belials teleport homer gone, the remaining terminator squads trickled in to harass the ork and necron backfield.

Calgar and friends had held the line in the middle and the orks had been fought long enough they were not yet to our objectives. With the game end, the imperium held their back most objectives with much vigor and scored yet again more points then the xenos.

Total tally was 22 to 12 in points, with the mantis warrior first company in ruins. Three terminators and one dev squad survived the battle. The day was saved yet the damage was done. Even in apoc, deathwing is too many points for what they do. But it was fun to finally be able to bring them all out onto the table.

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