Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Whats new + faq

By thegravemind

So the new edition is out and there a few changes, some big and small.  Some of the major ones are covered else where, but I wanted to point out a few minor things.

Hit and run is now worded where you have to move the exact distance rolled like it was in 4th edition. Picking the right direction is more important now.

Going flat out no longer increases your jink save.

With the faqs out, tau and necrons now have better magic defense than tyranids and wolves. Shadows in the warp still only effects leadership so does nothing and runic weapons give +1 to deny. The tau talisman gives +2 and necron still have the spyders ability.

All pre 6th books lost their codex powers. Blood angels and wolves take the biggest hit from this I think.

All characters lost precise shot/strike.

There are many others. Ignoring the daemonology fiasco, what are the changes that have effected you guys the most?

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