Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rules from the past

By TheGravemind

7th edition marks the first time I haven't bought the mini rule book from the starter set. Probably due to there isn't one. I've never bothered owning the full rulebook before so this is an interesting experience for me.

Everytime I look back and try and remember older editions, I the key feature that differs them for me is the prefered enemy rule. Maybe that says something about my armies or style.

In 4th, prefered enemy allowed you to always hit on a 3+ in combat. (Side note, USRs fit on two pages back then)

In 5th, it became a reroll to hit in combat, which was better for most things. USRs expanded to another page.

6th say PE expand outside of combat and beyond hitting. Now in both shooting and combat, you got to reroll 1s to hit and to wound. PE also started becoming a lot more specific on who it effected. By now USRs jumped to 11 pages worth.

7th really is very much 6.5 in a lot of ways, and most usr have stayed the same.

How far back does everyone elses memory go for prefered enemy through the different editions? Anything else that stands out as changes for you?


  1. I think one of the big things for me over editions is seeing rule spread - rule introduced in one codex for one unit, later shows up in more and more places, turns into USR.

  2. I remember when Rending was the Tyranid version of a power weapon (outside of MC's, of course). Then they gave it to the assault cannon, and everything went downhill from there...