Thursday, June 26, 2014

A farsight army adventure.

By TheGraveMind

Stealth team with the relic hid in a corner waiting for Broadsides to come to the rescue.
Last weekend I took my nearly finished farsight list to my gaming club for an event. It was 5/8ths soft scores and every table had a custom mission.
It was everything goes format at 1500 points with a 250 point side board to swap out since the missions were so unique.

Game one saw me against eldar. The mission was the relic primary with four table quarter objectives as secondaries (linebreaker etc were bonus points). The spin was the center of the table was a 2x2 zone mortalis bunker that was full line of sight blocking.
This game come down to positioning. For the greater good I sacrificed unit after unit. Clogging the hall ways, make the ground slippering with blood to slow them down. haha.

My stealth team was my side board, so I swapped them in, replacing my fliers. They infiltrated and grabbed the relic first turn and started running away. He was playing a wraith list, and I had trouble killing his units. By the end of turn 4 when time was called, I was basically tabled, but my stealth team sarge still had the relic so I won.
My Air support helped balance the game, as they were able to line up good shots and didn't take much return fire at all.

Game two pitted me against dark eldar. This mission was 16 or so objectives that remained yours until claimed by the enemy. First turn let him move and shoot as is expected with DE speed and lethality, setting be back from the get go. Most of my stuff had to move a full 6" to get in range and my heavy guns had to snap fire.
The lighting was pretty bad, and my flash didn't help, but his army was highlighted with a bright blue. It made it a very Red vs Blue match up.

Between all of my S5-7 shooting and his 5++, I was having trouble killing his 2hp AV10 vehicles. Farsight and his unit decided to not come in until turn 4. By the end I had finally cracked his paper plains and was mopping him up. I was set to take three more objectives on my next turn, but it was too late. He had made such an early push, that I just wasn't able to reclaim lost ground in time. He won primary by 5-4
There may have been orks on the other side of those buildings.

The third game was against orks on a dense rusted factory board with the mission being kill points. He got the warlord trait to infiltrate three infantry units, so I started with 80 ork boys around 18" away from me turn one. My first turn I pulled one flank and fired into the other to give me some room.
While there was plenty of line of sight blocking and 4+ cover saves, he's foot slogging ork boys would still have one turn in the open before they got to me after they turned a corner. His dakka jet didn't come in until turn four, so my fliers had no threats for two turns and blew away his support units quickly.
This was my limited view of his army. Thank god for Smart Missile Systems.

Everything went well for me, and by turn four he had his dakka jet and some boys sitting in a corner for line breaker. My only casualties were my fire warrior squad that ran off the table turn one from shooting giving him first blood.

Over all I think I ended up around 4th. Which is fine by me as there were much better painted armies, friendlier opponents ( I play with really nice guys) and guys with better battle scores. Really I was just impressed with having a nearly painted amry again, and making a good showing with them.

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  1. The terrain looked like it was a lot of play to play around.