Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A flock of games!

So pretty much in the past week a lot has happened. I played against Spaguatyrine, then went to the tournament in bloomington. When I got back I faced against necrons and all of the included "shenanigans". Along with school projects, work and a friend's funeral, I haven't had time to post anything. I'm hoping this weekend I'll have time to post battle reports. A brief summary;

Spaguatyrine's space wolves held me off and ended the game 0-1 on objectives as I just couldn't contest that one he had.

At the tournament first turn I faced Footdar, and got trapped as defender in my backfield which didn't go well for my fast moving assault army. Coupled with some really bad rolling, I did manage to pull a draw by shoving 20 assault marines down the middle of the board.

Second game was against Space wolves, and a very nice and good player. The mission was kill points and we stayed even until the last turn. It was 4-4 on KP, last turn everything was in combat, he blew up a dreadnought, killed my captain, honor guard, and my first assault squad, while I managed to pick off another transport. So that made it 5-7, oh, but my second squad in rhino never came in from reserves, so 5-9. If they had came in, I'm thinking it would have made it a draw.

Last game was against the Albino orks, objective mission that you score a point end of each opponents turn for holding an objective. Early on my drop pods helped give me the advantage as I contested his back objective. Through excellent gaming, he managed to bring it up to a draw by the end of the game.

Then I faced against Buckler's necrons, and he had some good and some bad rolls. He managed to immobilize my LR first turn, then my dread the next. He also failed Ld10 break tests twice, when he was back field, thus taking them off the table. I found Twin-linked to be useless with my rolls. He thought he had the game till my assault squad jumped out of the LR and take on his squad he brought to the objective. Through all of the Necron's/Buckler's Shenanigans, I contested all of the objectives and held one.

Thus 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses, updated on my game counter. Seems I still have some learning to do with Marines.

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  1. Look forward to the battle report and pictures. We will have to get a rematch when you have more time. Good Job on smashing Steve! It is always nice to see him go down!! :)