Monday, September 13, 2010

Progress, one step at a time.

Ok, so I doubt many of you heard, but there was a hit and run last night. A 20 year old woman was riding her bike down her street and was struck. Full news blip here. I found out while I was at work, she was in the ER most of the night/day. She didn't make it. This young woman was one of my dear friends. It hasn't fully hit me yet, and I've been trying to keep busy for the most part. I'm going to try and finish this blog post because I am not sure when I'll next be up to doing anything.

The 4 hours or so I had on friday before work I managed to paint the above drop pod. No details yet, just grey's and blues. I like it, next is for wash and details. Saturday I didn't really have any time for modeling as I worked a full shift. I managed to put some base layers down on a few other models as well before bed.

Sunday I worked both in the morning, and then back again in the evening. I took my 4 hours between work and put it to good use. As planned for now I have a tournament this coming weekend, I need to get stuff ready.
So in that break between work, I managed to magnetize the backs of 9 assault marines, and the arms of the sergeant.
In my command squad back packs weren't molded correctly, so GW sent me some replacements. I only needed 5, but customer service goes above and beyond. I have 25 backpacks, which I went ahead and magnetized 15 of them for now.

Other things I worked on this weekend.
Then I have my wonder twins.
They are my wysiwyg wonder twins. They are two melta gunners for my Honor Squad. They have terminator honors, krak grenades, frag grenades, bolt pistol, a utility knife, ammo pouch. That is right I outfitted them with everything. I'll get some better pictures of them in the future. They also have their backpacks magnetized, if I need some jump infantry melta's.

So as long as I can today I'm going to work on 40k and keep my mind busy. What do you all think about my blue/grey drop pod? What can I do to improve it?
Also, If you haven't heard, DARK ELDAR ARE COMING!!


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  2. Brother, I am praying for you and your friends family.


  3. I'm very sorry for your loss. The accident happened about a block from my house. It was very tragic to hear about.

    Good luck to you and your friends during this hard time.