Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Under construction: See New managment

Um, how do I put this... Long story short, LordKilmor = TheGraveMind.

As TheGraveMind I was going to update the blog, and my profile while I was at it. When I noticed/realized something, I don't have a Gmail account. Yep, My computer saved my friends old account info and had the auto-log in thing active. At first I thought it was just an old account I had made a while ago and forgot about. Well as I was going through some of the profile stuff I realized it wasn't. Another hour of looking later and I can't seem to find a way to transfer TGM as is. Thus the birth of LordKilmor. Eventually after I get everything over, and maybe delete TGM, I'll see if it will let me reclaim my name under this account.

So until then, please ignore the extra names, while I take this time to toy with settings, and copy everything from one account to the other. Hopefully this doesn't cause too much trouble for everyone. I already had to go through the pain of going to everyone's websites and finding their "follow" button.

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