Friday, April 15, 2011

And so it begins!

It is a not so secret secret that I'm starting tau. Well, I just got a bunch of second hand models. like... a lot. Part of it I got from a friend, the other half I bought. Pretty much more than enough for almost anything I want, all for $70. Granted most of the fish are in bad condition and need to be salvaged. Most of the suits will be enough to hold me over till I buy my own. I have more stealth suits than I can actually field. My plan is to start working on some conversions, and based on how they go, I'll buy some new stuff and prepare for a new codex soon.
I'm working on fluff and back story for them at the moment. I'm most likely going with Da'Kavaal (The Dark Strike Force)


  1. i have a friend who wants to sell his tau army. its huge. a crap ton of tau. i painted 1/4 of them. email me if your interested.

  2. I'm not really sure how much more I need. If he is still wanting to sell them after the new codex maybe. I have 3 Hammer heads, 5 devil fish, 3 broad sides, 9 crisis suits, 24 stealth suits, 40 fire warriors.

    I am looking for fire warrior bitz for conversions though.