Thursday, April 28, 2011

The struggle

So I've been away for almost two weeks. I haven't gotten a game in nor really worked on 40k in that time. Many my age would be giving the excuse of final exams. I'm busy working, trying to get back into school, and get everything else back on track. I have a few projects lined up, but with out playing games, I find my motivation is severely lacking. Luckily I was able to get a game in with my tyranids earlier today.

I've given up most hope for my Blood angels at the moment. Mech isn't really the way I want to go with them, but GK really have killed Jumpers for me. So I've been thinking about going back to my tyranids for now. The game was at 1750 and was going very well for me. By turn 4 all I had lost was a Tyrannofex and 10 genestealers, while his troops were down to 2 lone Marines compared to my 4 gaunt squads and 2 tervigons on two objective mission.

His storm raven came in, I had horrible results with all of my shooting into it, and did effectively nothing (extra armor). He then multi assaulted terminators, librarian and priest into my back squads and leaving one biovore alive so I couldn't shoot into him. All of my gaunts proved useless, as I assaulted through cover going to Init 1, and FNP kind of kills the whole swarm with gaunts concept. I was rushed for that final turn, and forgot to give FNP to my squads. So the gaunts and tervigon I had on his objective died far too quickly, allowing him to run his last marine back onto his objective. And on my objective I lost by 9 to terminators and lost two squads of gaunts and my Alpha warrior.

I went from completely dominating the game to losing on turn 6. If the game had gone to 7 I think I would have ended up winning as I still had a tervigon by his objective and almost all of my anti-tank. Neither of my tervigons hit menopause, which lead to the first time for a few things. All of my games my tervigon poops out first turn or two and I'm frustrated. This was the first time I ran out of gaunts. I had like 50 gaunts and used them all up by turn 3.

But what this leads to is a slight change in my army list, and a renewed love/hate for my nids. I hate that they screwed me over with no grenades and a few other things, but I remembered how much fun It was to play them when the dice weren't hating me. So I'm going to prime up my last few models, and hopefully get them painted up in the next few weeks. I might even finally get those warriors started.

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