Saturday, April 2, 2011

Battle: LA

I’ve been on vacation for this past week. I went to florida with my family, and before you start, they had had perfect weather for the past two months and were almost having a drought. Well five of the six days we were there they had thunderstorms. Now they are looking at no rain after we have left, ugh. So on one of those rainy days I convinced my family to go see Battle: LA. 

On the way there I looked up some reviews on my phone, and it was only given like 38% rating and most of the comments were about how it was some mindless action movie and if you lowered your expectations you’ll enjoy it. But once the movie started my fears went away. Now I’m not saying it is the greatest movie of all time, but it is far from some mindless action flick. My mother enjoyed the character development, and my teenage sister liked it because it was a cross between War of the Worlds and Independence Day (one over her favorite movies). Of course any Devil dog fans will also enjoy the movie as it centers on US marines.

But the reason I’m posting is because the entire time I was watching I was thinking about Tau. I had read Courage and honour, a book about ultramarines fighting a tau invasion. As it was pointed out in the movie, it was classic invasion strageties being used, but the way they pulled it off had me in awe. The use of unmanned drones,  the advanced technology, and their ambushes and self sacrifices for command units all had me thinking tau. There are a few things I think the tau could learn from the movie. In the Grim dark future of Hollywood there is a battle for Los Angles.


  1. I loved the movie as well! I am of course a Devil Dog and was proud to see my Brothers in Arms on the screen. The only thing that was a little off to me was the whole remembering social security numbers scene which is kind of dramatic even for a movie and that platoons are not just 13 Marines. Platoons have 4 squads with 4 squad leaders in them, and unless something has changed, would never have a Platoon Sgt and a Platoon Commander over 12 Marines. Great Movie. The tech sgt was a little much. Does she have to be in every movie?

  2. I had very low expectations myself. Some of my beef? They kept calling Hector's dad... well, Hector's dad! It would have been the other way around. They would have been all like, "Bill (hector's dad) is dead!" Not "Hector's dad is dead." It was over emphasizing the connection they thought the audience should have with Hector.

    Oh, and the laser painter. I don't know, but I imagine that device looks and works sort of like a scope on a rifle. And you won't see the laser and be able to track it back to it's source. In the movie it looks like they simply raided the store room for a 2002 Dell Computer Projector and painted it green. It certainly looked like a projector! :)