Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BattleFoam review, Tyranid trays

By TheGravemind

So back a little bit before christmas, I got myself some battlefoam for my tyranids. I had be reluctant because I wasn't sure how everything would fit, and I had to get the 1520 XL to carry my tourney list. But tyranids being all spindly and large as they are, I knew I needed to make the investment. So I'm going to do a quick run down of the foam that is build for tyranids. Being able to actually see models in the foam would have helped me make my decision a lost faster.

So while all of the spots are made to handle a certain model, with tyranids having all those limbs and being pose-able, the talons can sometimes get in the way.
 Trygon/mawlocs fit well, some easier than others depending on how you orientated them on the oval base. Also, a note on the Flying have tyrant up above, it is a snug fit, so be careful how you pose the arms, as they may cause ... trouble when you try and place him.

 The tervigon spot fits nicely, and has room for a tyranofex gun as well. One of mine has a gaunt on the base, which has cause a bit of trouble, but I resolved it by facing him backwards.

 Here you can see the different warrior slots. The long barrel gun ones are perfect for hive guard or venom cannon/ strangler warriors. The deathspitter warriors have plenty of room in their spots, but could easily fit in the other warrior locations. The old metal raveners and lictors also fit fine.
 These generic cut outs are for genestealers. This gives plenty of room for even the wides of arms and also the possibility of stacking models if need be. I have a few spare spots that I keep tokens/ dice and objectives in.
 This one is the gargoyle tray meant to stack them two high in. I haven't assembled my second squad, so right now I leave the bases in most of them. They fit very well here, a few snagging on the claws until you learn which ones have certain angles.

And for the finally, my only gripe with the Battlefoam. I bought two trays for gaunts, one 1", and the other 1.5" As you see on the top picture, gaunts can sit in there nicely, and can even be placed on their side. The problem being gaunts are taller than 1", so I don't know why this is even advertised. If standing up right, you can see that the back and head could possibly rub, and defeat the whole purupose of the tray. That's why I lay mine on the side, so only the base sticks above. An extra foam pad topper also helps.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking for tyranid trays. It can be expensive, but I'd never go back now that I have them. The case and all the trays are great quality and worth the money in the long run. I would highly recommend them to any tournament player or any tyranid player who travels with their army.


  1. I might have to get one of those trays for the big dudes. The smaller models fit fine in my Sabol trays.

  2. Dont suppose you happen to have any winged warriors using the FW wings? Wondering if the standard cut outs would work for the winged warriors or if I need to tweek them