Monday, March 4, 2013

Thoughts about the Indy Open

 By GravyGhost

 Now that the Indy Open has come and gone. I would like to share some of my thoughts about my about this GT. This was a 64 man tournament ran with Adepticon like missions. It seemed like it had a great turn out, I'm not sure what the final number was. However, I'm sure they will be releasing the results here soon and you can see for yourself. I know that we had lots of people from out of town. Hulksmash from They Shall Know Fear and Niel G. from the 11th Company were some notable out of towners.

  Ok so this took place in a fairly decent venue. It was a Clarion hotel in Indianapolis, IN, somewhere around the Speedway area. The room we played in was a nice size and this year seemed to have a lot more room to move around in. Oh, also big thing for me was this year their was room to place display boards. Last year I had an issue with that and almost got my army stepped on because of lack of space. So a huge plus there! The terrain was nice and even on all the boards so no real complaint there. I think some of the pieces were a tad bit lack luster, but I know the time constants the TO was working with. One big thing which was way cool, was that all the terrain pieces had their positions traced out on the board. I thought that was very nicely done. My one big complaint was the dice. Not that you couldn't bring you own, but the condition of some of the dice. Some of them were messed up and I had ones that the 2s sides had an extra blip in the middle. Making it appear to be an extra 3, but I flipped them over and spotted the real 3s side just to make sure. I reported this and one of the TOs told me that I wasn't the first to have that issue.

 Now the missions I thought were pretty clever. At first when the mission packets were released I had my doubts at first glance, but I was pretty wrong. Once it came down to it they played well and I thought they were fairly balanced. I think one of the few complaints I heard was about mission 4. That one the five major pieces of terrain were the objectives and your scoring unit had to be wholly
within that terrain feature to hold it. It just made it hard for blobs to hold them if they were just to big. I can see why some lists didn't like that one. Kill points being in multiple games didn't seem to bother anyone, at least from what I could tell. All in all I really liked the missions.

  I want to thank Spag from TheBack40k for running such a smooth event. He really did a great job this year and I look forward to coming back. Ok, here is a quick run down of what I took. I placed 3rd with this list so I'm pretty happy with that. Here soon I'll be post the batreps once I get all the pics together.

Chaos lord
Bike, MoN, Burning brand, Murder sword

7- Plague marines
2- plasma guns, melta bomb
Rhino w/ combi melta

7- Plague marines 
2- plasma guns, melta bomb
Rhino w/ combi melta

7- Plague marines
2- melta guns, melta bomb

4- Spawn

7- Havocs
4- autocannons, MoN

4- missile launchers, MoN

6- plaguebearers


  1. Still trying to figure out how I can playtest well in games against you and the Indy crew and then play so horribly. You and Nik both played well and its good to see Indy represented well in our GT. Great job. Nick

  2. Oh, I did horrible game wise. There are still some bad match ups for Nids for sure.

  3. LOL..It's some bad luck when one of the few Nid players get matched up against one of the even fewer DE players.