Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soulgrinder progress

By knowsaj
So with the new demon book I needed to change my slaanesh list. One of those changes is adding Soulgrinders to the list. Also since I've been having so much fun playing the new daemons book( probably because it reminds me of how to nids should play) I have started branching out to other chaos gods other then just slaanesh. So here's my nurgle and slaanesh soulgrinder so far


  1. AHHH, it hurts my eyes, bright colors,... must be slaanesh! Looks amazing dude! Can't wait to kill it, I mean battle against it.

    1. lol, ya im sure you will try to kill it

  2. The blending on the main body looks really nice. Definitely like the color scheme.