Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Detailed Tau pictures. Drones and commander

By TheGravemind
Full details over at Advanced Tau tactica, Pictures of the finecast Tau commander suit have finally come up. The enforcer version of XV8 I believe. More pictures of drones and the bomber have also been found.

Here is the article on the commander.
Translation:: "The Tau Commander is a beautiful Citadel Finecast figure full of character. His slender backwards posture suggests a dynamic landing - one can easily imagine the rubble pushed by his movement. The battlesuit that protects the commander is the XV8-05 Enforcer, an imposing variant of the standard model XV8 Crisis, which provides better protection while distinguishing on the field of battle (among others through his shoulder, which is reminiscent of fire warriors). You can take advantage of all the extra weapons from your collection to customize your figurine at leisure."

Looks like the cyclic ion blaster and the fragmentation launcher are getting redesigned.
 Looks like basic suit drones can get shield generator, pulse weapons, markerlight, or missile pod. Riptide drones get missile pod and shield. The bomber's drones look like they might be rail rifles? They detach and are interceptors? I wonder how that rule will work. The pulse bomb generator looks interesting. Will this be the rumored plasma large blast?

Well I got to say, I like the new drone options, but I'm not the biggest fan of the suits. Glad to see at least one model with the hands extended. Hope the bitz business doesn't' get hit too hard, cause I want some of these things for custom builds.


  1. I was very pleased with the Citadel Finecast XV8 Commander, he will definitely stand out in my force as someone who leads from the front. Also upon receipt of the model there was hardly any work that needed to be done to the model filling in wise or trimming, it would appear that Citadel is starting to get their finecast products under control.